5 Reasons Why I Love Rae Dunn

I stumbled upon the home decor/blogging world a few years ago and I kept spotting these fun white mugs and dishes with cute sayings by Rae Dunn. I thought they were cute and was excited to find out that they are sold at all Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Home Goods stores and even more excited when I found out that the average pricing was between $3 and $20! I would always keep an eye out whenever I happened to go shopping but really never found anything. This went on a year or so until Christmas of 2017 when I actually found my first items! I got several bowls and mugs and fell in love with them for more than the looks with every piece I found!


FindsnDines_Rae Dunn 4

Finds and Dines Hutch Refinish 23

  1. I love the irregular shape, differing weights and colors of each piece! Somehow with the curves in the mugs, they feel ever more comfortable to drink out of than a regular round mug.  FindsnDines_Rae DunnFinds and Dines Hutch Refinish 1
  2. I love the fun little expressions and sayings on each piece. Bonus fun, she makes items for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Thanksgiving! Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like seasonal kitchen items! (These bowls pictures below are actually from the pet collection but I love them for condiments, cereal and ice cream. Who cares as long as they don’t say pet specific things!!)FindsnDines_Rae Dunn 5
  3. There is something fun about being able to hunt for something in stores! These pieces are far more popular than I ever realized when I first decided that I wanted to collect them. believe it or not, Facebook is full of groups of people in different cities who drive through local store DAILY to try and find these LL (large letter) items which happen to be from the most popular collection. If you check the internet there are people selling these for double and triple their retail price. Collecting things is not very fun for me if we are just talking about collecting but when there is hunting for an item involved, that makes it more fun! FindsnDines_Rae Dunn 2
  4. These are dishwasher safe!! I can’t even express how exciting it is to find a graphic dish or mug of any kind that is dishwasher safe! My husband has a collection of Star Wars mugs that require hand washing that we paid probably twice as much for than these beautiful mugs. Thankfully, even he has fallen in love with his Rae Dunn “Hubby” mug. Our cat has a collection of his own little bowls that are also dishwasher safe! 27335330_10156190537099874_600997088_o
  5. Style. Outside of the fun expressions and fun shapes, these pieces are just the perfect fit for many styles of homes. I am drawn to the modern farmhouse look and these fit that look perfectly. I have always loved clean white dishes and these are perfect with the fun flair of irregularity and cheeky expressions. I have integrated pieces into all parts of my house now and can’t image my kitchen, especially, without them! 27398716_10156190527509874_928347896_o

If you are interested in starting to collect, I would recommend joining a local Rae Dunn Facebook group in your area where people share things they are willing to trade as well as notify the group when the local store put out anything good. Frequenting Marshall’s, Home Goods and TJ Maxx is a must because there is no rhyme or reason to the times that they stock shelves with new things. And from personal experience I have found that around the change of seasons and holidays they seem to have lots of new items arriving. Happy hunting!!

FindsnDines_Rae Dunn 3

Finds and Dines Hutch Refinish 2Finds and Dines Hutch Refinish 3Finds and Dines Hutch Refinish 28Finds and Dines Hutch Refinish 29

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