Chalk Paint and Ticking: My $5 Chair Transformation

I ran into Goodwill a few weeks ago with a very specific item in mind that I needed for work and as usual, when I’m in a hurry, I found a treasure that I just couldn’t leave without. This chair was that item for me. I definitely didn’t intend to hunt for a chair but I couldn’t imagine leaving without it once I saw it! That seems to be how thrifting or garage saling always is for me, if I’m looking for something specific I never find it and if I go in with no expectations I come out with a bunch of things I love. I try to always go in these days with no expectations so my finds are even more exciting!

Finds and Dines 28Finds and Dines 32

This chair really drew me because of the detail. The legs are irregular and almost seem hand carved. It reminds me of a chair I would picture from the cottage in the book, “Heidi”. It was a bit wobbly as one of the crossbars had come apart from one of the legs. For $5 I couldn’t pass it up!

Finds and Dines 37

I decided to paint it but this was one of the first pieces that I struggled with wanting to not touch with paint. My house already has a lot of dark furniture that I am not going to paint so I am in need of the lighter pieces. But more than anything it just needed an update because it did have so many chips and dings in the wood. I came to terms with the painting concept by telling myself that I would distress the paint and it would age beautifully and show off more of that wood character over time.

Finds and Dines 30

Finds and Dines 38Finds and Dines 29

I fixed the broken cross bar with Gorilla Glue and it completely sealed it and made it sturdy. I used the Rustolium Chalk Paint in Linen White to paint the frame. I did 2 coats of paint but intentionally brush stroked everything really lightly. I distressed the edges pretty heavily and will leave the rest up to time!

Finds and Dines 33

This seat cushion is actually my first project doing a re-covering with fabric. It was a blast! I used ticking fabric to cover the seat. I got one yard of it and only needed about 3/4 of a yard. It cost me $4 for a yard with a coupon from Joann’s Fabric. I loved the fabric so much that I am planning on re-upholstering one (maybe both) of my old living room couches with it. The stripes were exactly the look I wanted for this chair project. I will likely do all of my kitchen chairs soon to match!

Finds and Dines 34Finds and Dines 35Finds and Dines 36

With each project I get a little more confident and with project pieces this cheap there is really no consequence to trying new things! I don’t like the idea of not being able to do something that I want for my house just because of lack of money or inexperience. Hopefully this post and all my posts past and present will inspire you to try new things and help create beautiful pieces on a budget.

As always if you have questions or comments, post them below!  

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