Bathroom Remodel Before and Afters

Wow, what a fun whirlwind project this bathroom has been! This space was a so much fun because there were so many mini projects packed into this little area. I definitely learned some new skills and felt stretched during the process of making this happen. As with most DIY projects, I finished feeling confident and capable and just can’t wait for next one!

DIY Painted and Stenciled Floors in the Guest Bathroom

I have been drooling over stenciled floors for a while and was so excited to finally find inspiration to use them in my house! A painted and stenciled floor can add so much personality to a space. You can choose a pattern that perfectly fits whatever decor vibe that you may want to achieve.

Chalk Painted Bathroom Cabinets

Chalk paint became a quick favorite of mine after refinishing a few furniture pieces. I love the creamy looking matte finish and the fact that the prep is so easy. Chalk paint requires no sanding, no special surface prep and will pretty much cover any material you throw at it! The paint is very forgiving and dries super fast. I figured with all of these great qualities, how could it not be great for cabinets?